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The Beginning of Healing Home Coaching


Hello and Welcome to Healing Home Coaching.


Healing Home focuses on helping you transform your home starting with your own emotions. Your emotions drive every decision, response and feeling you have every day of your life. Ever heard the phrase “when momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy?” That is some Truth!

So, in a nutshell, I help you understand why you feel all the feels 24/7 and everyone else’s feels including your pets at home and the strangers at the grocery story behind the mask and/or why you run away from all the emotions and feelings that life throws at you. My goal is to help you feel “lighter and brighter” each time we have time together.

The momma behind Healing Home Coaching:

My name is Kristin Folts and I am the momma entrusted with leading and growing Healing Home Coaching. As an Emotions Coach and Energy Transformer, I help moms (especially special needs moms and moms recovering from covert DV) transform their chaotic home into a peaceful oasis by building a closer relationship with their kids, while healing their mom triggers and shifting their mindset from #Survivor2Thriver with energy work, peaceful parenting skills, essential oils and mentoring.

Why was Healing Home Started?

Healing Home was created after I spent years in child welfare as a trauma trainer and adoption advocate working for children looking for a “forever home” in an adoptive family while they wasted away (I mean, spent a very short time in foster care) living in someone else’s home while they waited for a family to pick them.

Since I couldn’t take them all home with me, I felt like I had a duty to find each one of them a beautiful family that would accept them for who they where at that moment. I worked for the kiddos primarily over the age of 8 (the none babies that had opinions and attitudes often, sibling groups and misunderstood juvenile delinquents) for most of my years in child welfare and I loved it. “My” kids needed and deserved families that didn’t care about how many long term facilities they had been in, how many siblings they couldn’t see, and how many long last relatives that didn’t really want them.

My job to find trauma trained families capable to connect and correct from the heart was a tough one though, so I went in search of some trauma training that I could impart my wisdom into/through and began my trek across the face of the adoption community to change the world.

I found TBRI:

Along the way I found the holy grail of trauma informed trainings for adoptive parents. It is called, Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), co-created by Karyn Purvis. I even became one of their certified TBRI Practitioners. She and her co-author also wrote a book called, The Connect Child. It will change your life as an adoptive parent and as someone who may know, love, live with or care for a spouse, co-worker, friend or child who has experienced trauma.

Needless to say, some families found some great resources, along with some fellow social workers and child welfare workers open to embracing the knowledge of trauma minded parenting and advocacy, but the majority of the peeps in the adoption community where not ready for the moving and shaking this paradigm shift did to their already established trainings and parenting models that they had taught for tooooo many years that did not address trauma in it’s rawest form.

In this turmoil of how do I help more families heal from trauma on my own terms while staying true to my moral compass and no longer be silent about how devastating trauma can be to children’s minds while being expected to fit into a stranger’s family dynamics and be grateful for now having a family that “won’t abuse them” (even though they just want to be with their biological family instead) was a tall order to fill. I remember the moment that the Holy Spirit (I also refer to my guidance system as the “Divine” and my “Divine Support Team” (DST)) spoke to my soul and said, “create Healing Home Coaching” I was like, YES, SIR! I will do that right now.

Healing Home is resilient:

In all reality, Healing Home Coaching has taken some curves balls, head on collisions, attacks on the heart, and morphed into something I never thought possible. It has been a beautiful creation of love and light that can not be silenced anymore. I have held on to Healing Home as a beacon of light in my own healing journey as well, as I navigated life changes, welcomed my high needs daughter into our family, grieved losses, loves and loyalties and stood in my power as a healer and my truth. My truth set me free.

I have honored my calling to help families heal from their trauma stories, to rise above the ashes and rebuild and along the way, I tapped into my own Divine guiding system and began to trust that the horrors of life have been meant to purify my existence and my own trust in my intuition. Trust me when I say this, you are divinely guided to Healing Home Coaching and I am excited to get to know you, hold space for your own metamorphosis and witness your transformation.

How do I work with Kristin?

We offer group and 1:1 containers, programs and packages for your healing transformation journey.

Energy shifting sessions options:

Our calendar stays busy so click the link and let’s get you scheduled within the next few days for an energy shifting session at minimum. Please remember, these are remote sessions and you do not need to be present for the session. I use muscle testing, my intuition and our Divine Support Teams to give you highest and best results for your well being at the time of our session. You are also welcome to share what you would like to be worked on within our session too.

Since we are shifting some of our offerings for you to have more of a “care package” experience with more after session/care support to help you implement and integrate the energy shifts happening in our sessions together into your every day life, below is a short video telling you more about our monthly membership option, Emotional Healing Circle, our focus session and our monthly package options.

Here is our short video on our Emotional Healing Circle, Focus Sessions and Monthly Package and how to get one of each for yourself or a loved one.

What to Expect when we work together:

Here is a short video on what to expect when we are working together during our energy shifting sessions, how to prepare for a session and what to expect after our time together. 

Group Coaching:

Our 8 week semi live group coaching program, Trauma2Trust starts April 12th, inspired by my co-author book, Intuitive: Knowing Her Truth (An Amazon International Best Seller) and Heal-Grow-Thrive our 9 month group coaching experience opens May, 2021 for an August 16, 2021 start date. Video coming out soon.

How can I Connect with Kristin Folts and the Healing Home Coaching Community?

The best way to connect is through our private Facebook group the Emotional Healing Collective. This is our social hub of Healing Home. We do monthly energy shifting sessions, frequency work, trainings and this is where you get the juicy stuff on peaceful parenting, energy work, connecting from the heart, essential oils and tips on being an awesome mom despite your kids. Just kidding, our kids are here to show us how much we can grow as a human with our hearts running outside of our body, right?

Facebook Business Page: I have a business page but, it is not my focus or my intention of making it a huge presence in my social media journey (story for another day) but if you would like to give us a like anyways that would be great. Healing Home Coaching Page

Our YouTube channel for Healing Home Coaching YT

Our website is being re-branded and updated and is a work in progress: Healing Home Coaching

My TEDx Talk on “Give Your Inner Child Permission to Heal” can be watched here! 90K views and counting

Get my co-author book, Intuitive: Knowing Her Truth, an Amazon International Best Seller. Digital copy now ready for download and paperback coming mid April, 2021

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More about Kristin:

Kristin Folts is an Emotions Coach and Energy Medicine practitioner. Her passion is empowering moms while transforming their emotions from chaos to calm, creating a peaceful oasis with their kids, and bringing joy into their lives by releasing the energetic, emotional baggage holding them back from saying yes to their best life. 

Kristin’s calling is to guide and uplift moms and entrepreneurs to embrace their feminine magic, heal their inner child, abundance mindset, and self-sabotage through coaching and intuitive energy medicine work. 

Kristin is a momma to a spirited special needs toddler, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Intuitive Emotions and Parent Coach, International Best Selling Author, TBRI Practitioner, EFT Guide, Speaker, Trauma Trainer, Mompreneur, Former Child Welfare Worker, and a TEDx Speaker. 

Kristin lives with her daughter in Florida and enjoys being an 1800’s Living History Reenactor, gardening, yoga, essential oils, camping, and educating others on the benefits of living a whole-mind-body-soul lifestyle.

How you can help us grow our influence and change the world together:

We are thankful you have joined our growing family. Thank you for reading this blog post. Please leave a comment for us on at least one of our posts, videos or trainings. You can help us grow our YT following, our private Facebook group and our influence across the globe as well.

Thanks for reading past all of my grammar errors and misspelled words. I am a recovering perfectionist that is also not a great speller and I like a ton of commas and run on sentences… so yeah, here I am in all my glory of grammar mishaps. Thank you for understanding my need to get my voice out on paper and not worry about the grammar error finders.