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This month at Healing Home Coaching we have been focusing our time on creating ways to  “Feeling Worthy to Receive” with our special focus session, inside our monthly membership group called, Emotional Healing Circle and also in our free FB group, the Emotional Healing Collective. More info on each of these resources below.

If you are not partaking in any of these energy clearing tools, why not? There are some good nuggets of life transforming energy work and coaching happening in each of these resources. 

The second reason I am touching base with you is because I wanted to check in with you and see how it was going with your quest to clear out the things that are making you feel unworthy to receive all the amazing blessings that are waiting for you to say YES to them. 

One way to make room for them in your energetic fields is by releasing the stagnant energy around life events that are like beacons in your life telling you subconsciously that you are not worthy of having the things you want in your life.

This could look like disconnects or lack in your life, emotions, career, family, relationships and even your prosperity. Family life chaotic? Not enough money in the bank for the rest of the month? Your lover feeling neglected or unhappy? These are all vibrations of not feeling worthy to have a better life that can easily be harmonized with energy work.

In what ways do you allow yourself to receive the blessings ready to come into your life even if it means stretching your comfort zone a bit and giving yourself permission to uplevel in your healing journey?

Perhaps there are experiences you still may be carrying around with you from childhood that are rooted in not feeling worthy to receive what you really wanted. It impacts your self worth, self esteem and especially your self love. This ripples out into your relationships, work/business, home life, finances and even how you show up as a peaceful parent for your kids and your fur babies.

That is why the focus of “Feeling Worthy to Receive”  is so important for you to embrace from the depths of your soul.

Remember, when you willingly release the energetic traumas from your past that are still running in the background of your subconscious mind, you heal your future. You heal the version of yourself that really wants to connect with your higher self. The parts of you that are scared to be vulnerable and be seen for your authentic self. 

Those parts of you that are waiting patiently for you to be ready to embrace all the faucets of yourself so you can have more prosperity, more healthy and loving relationships in your life, more self love and self acceptance and just more of the things in your life that bring you JOY. 

If you have all your ducks in a row and you are a 24/7 peaceful parent with your 2.5 children, have all the money in the world you could wish for, totally fulfilled in your career and your family life looks like your Instagram stories in real life then by all means, have a great rest of the month. 

But, If you think perhaps there are some things that need to be invited to release their energetic and emotional hold in your life so you can have more love, joy, peace and harmony in your life then consider becoming more active in the resources that Healing Home can support you in on a monthly ongoing basis. We have free, low investment and VIP level support, ready and willing to help you up-level your healing journey.

Here are the ways Healing Home can support you in the month of May and beyond:


The Emotional Healing Collective (Our Free FB group)

This is our free FB group that holds our spot for all things related to energy work (healing/shifting/transformations), essential oil, and peaceful parenting. It is the place to be if you want to get in on the free energy medicine shifts that happen throughout the month, random facebook lives about life nuggets of truth (check out the live I did last week on “What do carrots have to do with it?”) and being open to embodying the parts of your soul that need to be surrounded by others transforming their lives by discovering the secrets of the universe through their faith in the unseen.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla 

You can join us on the inside of the Emotional Healing Collective here.

Emotional Healing Circle

In the Emotional Healing Circle we will be identifying what areas of your life is blocking you from receiving, being able to move forward in life by giving yourself permission to receive, creating and embody your life purpose and releasing emotional baggage that keeps telling you “you are not worthy to receive” with 2 live group coaching sessions and weekly energy medicine segments. We will also sprinkle in some frequency work throughout the month for your receiving pleasure. Replays are always posted in the group.

Say yes to more love, truth, courage, and harmony in your life today. Click the link below and join the Emotional Healing Circle for only $37 bucks! Price goes up for this monthly energy shifting experience on July 1st.

Calls are on the 1st and 3rd Monday at 10 am EST!

Join with an annual membership with an $111 savings.

Join here  for month to month. 

Join here  for an annual membership and save $111 bucks

Monthly Focus Session

In this month’s Focus Session we will be unlocking the areas of your life that are asking to be freed to receive more joy, love, inner peace and more $$$. Let’s uplevel and shift your mindset to now say, YES! I am worthy of more abundance, love and JOY.

Our monthly focus session is a 30 minute email session at a 27% savings directed at harmonizing the areas impacting the “Feeling Worthy to Receive” energy in your life. 

You can order as many Monthly Focus Sessions (MFS) as you like on the topic of the month for yourself, your kids or anyone else (with their permission) or you can activate the ongoing monthly focus session membership and get 1-30 minute email session at the price savings automatically each month by clicking the ongoing link. Cancel at any time. 

Results from your session will be emailed to you within the first week of the month on the ongoing membership option. Results from your session at time of purchase for a single session will be typically within 72 hours after payment.

The Monthly Focus Session (MFS) is now being offered in place of the Mini Session Mondays. 

Single focus session

Ongoing focus session


The Frequency Transformation Experience

We are excited to be offering the Healy Transformation Experience using the quantum device censor and resonance system/app that sends harmonizing frequencies to the areas of your life that are in disharmony and in need of vibrational tuneups through remote frequencies. 

This is a FDA approved device for pain management with added benefits of harmonizing your spirit-mind-body & soul expression.

Reports are sent to your email you provide at sign up and testimonials are welcomed.

We have two options to utilize the frequency work:  

1 package of 12 scans (3 scans per week for 4 consecutive weeks for $97 per month)

Monthly ongoing package of 12 scans (3 scans per week for 4 consecutive weeks on an ongoing basis which will be secured for only $80 every 4 weeks. Cancel at any time. (Only 5 spots are being offered at this time at this price savings.)


Trauma2Trust Group Coaching Program 1.0

The Trauma2Trust (T2T) Group Coaching Program is in full swing as we enter into week 4. You can still join in on our weeks remaining together here in the Trauma2Trust Group Coaching Container though. 

8- coaching calls 

8- frequency harmonizing sessions

8- essential oil guidance

8- energy shifting opportunities

3 bonus energy shifting sessions-frequency tuneup, energy medicine session and an intuitive guidance/shift call.

Self paced program coming soon!

Please email me if you are interested in jumping into our Trauma2Trust program still.

Regular Energy Shifting Sessions and special Monthly priced packages are also available.

Click this link to get in on the calendar and get some relief today!

I hope this has been helpful for you to see the ways the Healing Home is here to support you in your healing journey. At minimum, join us on the inside of our Emotional Healing Collective FB group and enjoy being part of a community that has your back and does some really cool stuff with energy and frequency work in it.

Sending you so much rest and calming energies for your weekend.


Healing Home Coaching