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Healing Home Coaching

Intuitive Parent Coach, Energy Healer, Inner Child Healing Guide, TBRI Practitioner, International Best Selling Author, TEDx Speaker & Adoption Advocate

Our Focus and Intention:

To guide you on a path of self-transformation, honoring your life experiences and releasing what no longer serves your soul purpose in this life.

If you are ready to change your life while transforming your chaotic home into a peaceful oasis, heal your trauma story and embrace the journey of releasing the thoughts and patterns that hold you stuck in fight or flight, you are in the right place.

Kristin and the Healing Home Coaching team is dedicated to guiding and uplifting moms (especially moms of sensory kiddos and mom over-comers of domestic violence) to embrace their feminine magic, heal their trauma wounds, understand their own inner child needs, create an abundance mindset, and banish self-sabotage through coaching and intuitive energy work all while building a closer relationship with their kids using energy medicine, intuition, and transforming their emotions and their family’s emotions to JOY one energetic shift at a time.

About Kristin-

As an Intuitive Parent Coach, Kristin’s passion is empowering you in transforming your emotions from chaos to calm, harmonizing your mom triggers, and calming the chaos in your home by guiding you to building a closer relationship with your spirited kiddos. This begins by connecting from the heart and addressing the unmet needs of safety, trust and relationships within yourself and your kids.

Kristin is a solo Momma to a spirited toddler, Christian Energy Medicine Practitioner, Emotions and Intuitive Parent Coach, International Best Selling Author, TBRI Practitioner, EFT Guide, Inner Child Healing Guide, Speaker, Former Child Welfare Worker, Trauma Trainer, and a TEDx Speaker. 

Kristin lives with her daughter in Florida and enjoys being an 1800’s Living History Reenactor, gardening, yoga, essential oils, camping, writing and educating others on the benefits of living a spirit-mind-body-soul lifestyle.

Intuitive Parent Coaching

Do you know how to connect with the heart and spirit of your child? Kristin will help you transform the energy between your mom triggers and your children’s need for connection driving their behavior.

You can schedule your next session here. 

Healing Your Emotions & Life with Energy Work

Emotions impacts every area of your life. Kristin invites you to heal your emotions with energy medicine and intuitive coaching.

You can schedule your session here.

Emotional Healing Collective

Join The Emotional Healing Collective, Healing Home’s Private and Free Facebook Group dedicated to Peaceful Parenting, Energy Medicine, being a Mompreneur, and using Essentials Oils to transform your family’s emotions in spirit, mind, body and soul. 

Peaceful Parenting /TBRI © Coaching

Do you wish you could parent your kids without yelling and nashing of teeth? Peaceful parenting and TBRI Coaching may be the answer to your kids constantly pushing your mom triggers. TBRI is a holistic relationship focus parenting approach that connects you to the heart of your child with connection before correction.

Emotional Healing Circle

The Emotional Healing Circle is our monthly membership program. Live group coaching zoom calls on 1st/3rd Mondays @ 10 am EST and weekly energy medicine work focused on transforming your emotions and calming the chaos in your life. Enrollment is open right now for the coming month.

Group Coaching Programs

Healing Home offers Live and Self-Paced Group Coaching Programs.

Self Pace downloadable coming soon: RenewU  and Chaos2Calm

Live Group: Next round-Trauma2Trust (spring of 2022) 

Next round of  Heal-Grow-Thrive Program  coming in the summer of 2022.


 TEDx Talk

“Give Your Inner Child Permission to Heal”

Have you truely given yourself permission to heal the parts of you that are still stuck in your childhood? In Kristin’s TEDx talk, she walks you through 5 pivotal phrases that your inner child needs to hear so you can live a life full of peace and JOY!