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Healing Home Coaching

Intuitive Trauma Healing Coach, Energy Healer, Parent Coach, Inner Child Healing Guide, TBRI Practitioner, International Best Selling Author, TEDx Speaker & Adoption Advocate

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Our Focus at Healing Home:

Our goal is to guide you on a path of self-transformation, while honoring your life experiences and releasing what no longer serves your soul purpose in this life.

If you are ready to change your life while transforming your chaotic home into a peaceful oasis, heal your trauma story and embrace the journey of releasing the thoughts and patterns that hold you stuck in life, you are in the right place.

In addition, Kristin and the Healing Home Coaching team is dedicated to guiding and uplifting moms (especially moms of special needs kiddos and mom overcomers of domestic abuse) to embrace their feminine magic, heal their trauma wounds, connect with their own inner child needs, create an abundance mindset, and banish self-sabotage through coaching and intuitive energy work all while building a closer relationship with their kids, growing their intuition, and transforming emotions to JOY one energetic shift at a time.

Remote Energy Shifting Sessions

Remote Energy work is a powerful method to clear trauma, create more peace within the body, calm what ails the soul and enhance the connection with yourself and your family. All sessions are done remotely with a brief note emailed to you after the session.

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Intuitive Parent Coaching

Do you know how to connect with the heart and spirit of your child? Do you wish you could parent your kids without yelling and nashing of teeth? Intuitive Parenting/Peaceful Parenting connects you to the heart of your child and gives them space to connect with you on an energetic level while peacefully working through their behaviors.

You can schedule your next session here. 

Intuitive Message

Do you desire an intuitive message from the Divine, your Higher Self, your Inner Child, seeking clarity around a situation, or need insight with unlocking the desires of your heart? Set your intention now and receive your insight in this Intuitive Message offering. A bonus affirmation message will be included in your intuitive session.

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Monthly Focus Session

The intention of this focus session is to help you make peace with a specific area of your life that is keeping you in the revolving cycle of chaos. Each month will be a different focus. Divine Courage and Self Sabotage is this month’s topic of work. This healing art helps you release what is holding you back from a peaceful life and what causes you to repeat the same patterns in life.

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Emotional Healing Collective

Join The Emotional Healing Collective, Healing Home’s Private and Free Facebook Group dedicated to Trauma Healing, Peaceful Parenting, Energy Medicine, being a Mompreneur, and using Essentials Oils to transform your family’s emotions in spirit, mind, body and soul. 

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Live Zoom Energy Shifting Sessions

A live zoom session is a powerful method to clear your limiting beliefs, create more peace within your body systems, calm what ails your soul and strengthens the connection with your inner child and your loved ones. Sessions can be done with or without video.

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Energy Field Harmonization

The EFH protocol will harmonize each of your layers within your auric fields. Then move to the 26 aspects of you around Money, Relationships, your Self Love and everything in between. Followed by working with up to 71 categories. They are meant to identify the various ways your energy fields are misaligned, disconnected or wounded and then harmonize each of them. We will then call in the frequencies of Love, Joy, and Peace to assist in the recalibration of your energetic bodies.

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Intuitive Bundle

Bundle includes 3 Healy Scans and harmonizing frequencies along with a personalized intuitive message with a bonus affirmation to help integration. Followed by a 20 minute energy shifting session to help integrate the intuitive and frequency messages further.

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Healy Frequence Work

The Healy Transformation Experience uses the quantum device censor and resonance system/app that sends harmonizing frequencies to the areas of your life that are in disharmony and in need of vibrational tuneups through quantum frequency shifting.

This is a FDA approved device for pain management with added benefits of harmonizing your spirit-mind-body’s expression.

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 TEDx Talk

“Give Your Inner Child Permission to Heal”

Have you truely given yourself permission to heal the parts of you that are still stuck in your childhood? In Kristin’s TEDx talk, she walks you through 5 pivotal phrases that your inner child needs to hear so you can live a life full of peace and JOY!

About Kristin-

As an Intuitive Trauma Healing Coach, Kristin’s passion is empowering you in transforming your emotions from chaos to calm, harmonizing your mom triggers, and calming the chaos in your home by guiding you to building a closer relationship with yourself and your spirited kiddos. This begins by connecting from the heart and addressing the unmet needs of safety, trust and relationships within yourself and your home.

Most importantly, Kristin is a solo momma to a spirited toddler and they are always finding an adventure to experience together. In addition, Kristin is also an Energy Healer, Intuitive Parent Coach, 2X International Best Selling Author, TBRI Practitioner, EFT Guide, Inner Child Healing Guide, Speaker, Former Child Welfare Worker, Trauma Trainer, and a TEDx Speaker. 

Kristin lives with her daughter in Florida and enjoys being an 1800’s Living History Reenactor, gardening, yoga, essential oils, camping, writing and educating others on the benefits of living a spirit-mind-body-soul lifestyle.