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Are you ready to trust yourself again?

In T2T, Kristin will walk along side you as your journey unfolds to trusting your inner voice again.

Kristin believes healing trauma is a sacred journey of transformation and she welcomes you to walk the path to total healing with her.

What is holding you back from living your best life?

It is as simple as giving yourself permission to allow to Kristin to gently guide you in 8 areas of transformation that has the potential to give you the keys to your freedom you desperately want for your life.

Join Kristin on your transformation to the 2.0 version of yourself that is urging you to say YES to this opportunity to heal your intuition and transform your trauma into self trust.



Do you have any Big “T” Trauma or just little “t” trauma?

Do you know what trauma looks like in your everyday life? If you don’t, then it is time to update the lens of which you see life through. I am happy to say that now it is time to give yourself permission to look at how Big T and little t trauma impacts your life on a daily basis.
Trauma in its rawest form can be debilitating for millions of people, however, many wear their trauma like an unspoken badge of courage and you don’t even know it unless you know their life story.

What does your trauma tell you?

Have you walked through the fire?

If your life has gone up in smoke because your life experiences have made you question your very existence or your calling in life, let me show you how to have freedom to stand in your truth and shine bright.

Trauma2Trust Program

nT2T was initially inspired by Kristin’s TEDx Talk on “Give Your Inner Child Permission to Heal” and enhanced after she said yes to becoming an International Best Selling Author in her multi-author book, Intuitive: Knowing Her Truth.

During your 8 weeks with Kristin, you will explore ways to heal from the inside out using energy work, mindset, visualizations, guided meditation, honoring your trauma story, and rewriting your truth with love and light.

Are you willing to say yes to your healing story?

The live recordings of Trauma2Trust has been transformed into the self-paced 8 windows into healing your trauma story through trusting yourself again and focuses on releasing your trauma as you learn to trust yourself again.

Bonuses: 3 different energy modality bonus sessions.

Are you ready to embody your best life ever?


Week 1 Ground Your Stress Responses


Week 2 Clearing Your Body Systems


Week 3 Let Your Inner Child Speak


Week 4 Break the Trauma Bonds


Week 5 Light up Your Shadow 


Week 6 Transform Your Trauma into Trusting Your Intuition


Week 7 Finding Your Guiding Light: Signs, Symbols and Structures


Week 8 Trust the Journey to Flow in Your Intuition


Week 1 Ground Your Stress Responses


Invite yourself to receive energetic healing.


Identify and release energetic wounds, cords and saboteurs keeping you connected to your trauma responses.


Learn methods to energetically shield your energy from energetic vampires and release toxic relationships.

Week 2 Clearing Your Body Systems


Identify and release energetic wounds, cords, anchors, chains and saboteurs attached to your energetic, emotional and physical body systems.


Create “felt-safety” for yourself, your family tree and your future inspiring healing


Create trust within yourself to allow emotional healing at the core of your energetic body.

Week 3 Let Your Inner Child Speak


Learning how to embrace your journey with your inner child


Identify the ways your inner child runs the show with your subconscious mind and is the heart of your adult personality. 


Collecting and comforting all the faces of your inner child

Week 4 Break the Trauma Bonds


Identifying the thoughts that are keeping you trauma bonded to your past.


Identifying the energy vampires feeding off your trauma story


Release the contracts, agreements, karmic imprinting and epigenetics keeping you in a trauma loop.

Week 5 Light up Your Shadow 


Learn how to use Level of Consciousness to light up your shadow work


Use your vibrations of light and light score to light up your shadow self 


Collect your soul fragments and learn how to integrate peacefully

Week 6 Transform Your Trauma into Trusting Your Intuition


Learn how to talk with and trust your intuition 


Learn ways to measure how much you truly trust your intuition 


Identify your blind spots that still need work so you can sense, see and feel the progress in your healing journey.


Week 7 Finding Your Guiding Light: Signs, Symbols and Structures


Learn how to see the power of 3


Strengthen your intuitive flow 


Identify your Divine Support Team and the ways they are communicating with you

Week 8 Trust the Journey to Flow in Your Intuition 


Identifying what you are here to experience, learn and witness in this lifetime


Implement and integrate your updated Divine Wifi system into your daily life


Identifying and releasing the blocks that are hindering you from upleveling in mindset, circles of life, and beliefs around your worthiness to receive while flowing in your intuitive gifts


Get a Chakra Tune Up Session when you pay in Full for Trauma2Trust ($300 value)

Give yourself permission to say yes to releasing your trauma

Give yourself permission to forgive yourself and others

Give yourself permission to honor your journey

Give yourself permission to be thankful for the healing journey

Give yourself permission to love yourself first

What does the 8 weeks look like?

The Trauma2Trust Self-paced program comes out in July 2021

Self-Paced Pre-sale begins 6/28/2021 with a $222 dollar savings to you and ends at 8 pm Friday, July 2nd, New York Time Zone!

Each week on Monday at 9 AM ET, a recorded zoom session will be emailed to you for a total of 8 weeks referred to as (windows of transformation starting July 5th or whenever you join the T2T self paced program. 

(Example: if you join T2T on a Tuesday, you get week 1 at time of sign up and then each consecutive week will come to your inbox at 9 am ET each Monday thereafter until the 8 weeks is completed.)

You can take as much time as you need to watch, implement and integrate as you begin the journey to releasing the emotional and energetic trauma imprints within yourself.

The recording of each session will be available for the life of the program.

($1600 VALUE)  

Bonuses: Each week to complement the week’s focus you will receive:

A recorded frequency transmission session

($800 value)

A recorded essential oil support session to help you integrate and implement the changes that are happening within yourself each week.

($800 value)

A display of the weekly card pull that helps you set the intention to receive even more intuitive guidance for the week’s topic.

($400 value)

Private Facebook Support (Priceless)

Weekly Emotional Release Pulls inside the FB group.

($400 value)

You will have the option to tag me on the weekly emotion pull post within your private facebook group that will give you access to  real time energy work to help support your emotions and energy while working through the week’s topic you are on at the time. 

This is an added bonus to you and only offered once I have been tagged under the corresponding week topic that you are processing through.

Please give me a minimum of 48 hours to provide you insight or energy work around the topic you are working on once I have been tagged inside the group post.

I will check the emotion pull posts between Wednesday and Friday of each week if I am not tagged in your comment and respond to you.

Bonus T2T Sessions:

Frequency Calibration

Recorded group frequency upgrade energy medicine session.

Provided between week 2 and 4.

($300 Value)

Energy Medicine Session

Recorded Group energy medicine session focused on clearing the fear and self sabotage around healing your inner child and shadow work.

Provided between weeks 4 and 6.

($300 Value) 

Intuitive Coaching Call

Recorded call for intuitive insight and energy medicine session. 

Provided between weeks 6 and 8. 

($300 Value)


Get a Chakra Tune Up Session when you pay in Full for Trauma2Trust ($300 value)

Kristin’s trauma healing story started in 2007 after she witnessed a horrible motorcycle accident in her front yard. It emotionally and physically stole her voice and shattered her world as she knew it.

This sunny Saturday afternoon experience started an unexpected journey for Kristin and she would spend years attempting to answer the questions of her existence, her truth and how she was going to eventually transform from a survivor to a thriver. 

Kristin fumbled down a dark road for many years while appearing to have her life together on the outside, but on the inside she was a hot mess. 

Through the years of finding her purpose by helping other people heal from their own trauma, Kristin felt like she walked down a rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland.

This was not what Kristin had expected. When the fog lifted from her mind and she began to feel her emotions again it was an overwhelming experience. This was the slow beginning to her awakening journey. What Kristin thought was true about her life was just a smokescreen to a perceived “fine” existence.

Kristin was indeed, not fine, even though she had played this role of overcomer exquisitely. As her eyes began to become open to the true reality of the dysfunction within herself, her marriage and her life as a mom, Kristin truly embraced her healing journey and said yes to allowing her spiritual gifts and intuition to become her keys to total Freedom.

This allowed Kristin to take her trauma glasses off and gave herself permission to see her own light again, the authentic, free spirited, soul-inspired human that was begging to come out of hiding. Kristin began to bloom in her spiritual gifts, her emotions, her truth and her intuitive parent coaching practice began to grow again as she and her daughter began to flourish together.

Kristin knew her calling on her life to use faith and energy medicine to help people transform their own trauma stories into trusting themselves again was at the foundation of her life work and was her higher calling to thrive again.

As her spiritual metamorphosis progressed, the darkness tried to return, but this  time, Kristin wasn’t going to let this new traumatic experience stop her again from speaking her truth, healing the emotional wounds projected to silence her, and she continued on her quest for spiritual and emotional FREEDOM.

Kristin went on to become a TEDx Speaker with over 100K views on her talk, “Give Your Inner Child Permission to Heal,” and became an Amazon International Best Selling Author as she shared more of her trauma transformation story in the co-author book, Intuitive: Knowing Her Truth. 

Today, Kristin uses her spiritual gifts daily as an Emotions and Intuitive Parent Coach, Energy Healer, Speaker, Author, and Solo-mompreneur to a spirited sensory seeking preschooler who loves to cuddle, express her sovereignty and be the life of the party.