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What to Expect When We Energetically Work Together


This video is about what to expect before, during or after we do energetic work together so you can be prepared for our session together. We are shifting our focus to more of an integration and implementation approach to prepare you better for before and after our energetic shifting time together.  Think of it as a “care package” for your emotions. =)

So that means more prepping for your sessions and some aftercare tools to make it a smooth transition into a healthier you.


Highlights of the video:

~DRINK MORE WATER before and after our sessions


~Give yourself space to feel the feels and allow your body time to re-calibrate to the energetic shifts that have occurred during our time together.


Ways you can get in on some energetic shifting and stop your emotional sh*tshow starting today



Remote Monthly Session Pack of 4:


4 energetic shifting (energy medicine) sessions per month- done for you remotely and you get the recap and aftercare ponder points sent straight to your inbox within 72 hours of each weekly session. Including energy shifting sessions, personalized integration suggestions and aftercare points to integrate and implement the energetic and emotional shifts happening in our remote sessions together. 


Purchase 1 package of 4 sessions or do an ongoing monthly subscription for automatically receiving energetic shifting sessions on your behalf and automatically receive the recap and ponder points each week into your inbox.

1 month pack of 4: Bitly:   

Monthly Subscription:   



Emotional Healing Circle: 


The Emotional Healing Circle will stay at the $37 monthly price point through July, 2021. On July 1st it will increase to a higher monthly price point. Get in at the current price now and stay there as long as you are a member. You will receive 2 group intuitive coaching sessions along with 1 weekly energetic shifts within our private insecure Facebook group. 

Our 2 calls will take place on the 1st and 3rd Monday at 10:00 a.m. EST (New York) with a monthly focused topic including inspiring implementing and integrating focus points of healing and transformation. Juicy transformation topics like Releasing Generational Cords and Curses, Creating a Spirit of Feeling Worthy to Receive, and Releasing Family Drama will be covered in the coming months. Who needs less drama in your life? If you do, join the EHC today and let’s get to cleaning out the family treasure chest of drama, judgement and “it has to be done this way” mentality.

You can participate as a live member or as a replay viewer. Recordings will be placed in our private Facebook group after each call.

Emotional Healing Circle:  



Monthly Remote Focus Session:

The Focus session has been structured to save you some moolah and give you some juice topics to work on energetically.  It allows you to get specific energy shifts on a specific topic on a monthly basis that is already being intricately talked about in the Healing Home Community for the month.

Details: This 30 minute remote focus session can be done as many times in the month as you are energetically able to (1 session per purchase) and can also be purchased as a monthly subscription. Your session will automatically be done for you within the first 2 weeks of each month as long as you have a monthly subscription. The great thing about this is that you don’t have to think about it, you don’t have to show up for it live as it is automatically done for you and you let me do the heavy energetic lifting for you and you simply integrate and implement the shifts into your daily life. This session is offered at over a 25% discount. This is a limited time offering.

Single session: 

Monthly subscription:   



How do I work with Kristin even further?

We offer group and 1:1 containers, programs and packages for your emotional transformation journey.


Energy shifting sessions options:

Our calendar stays busy so click the link and let’s get you scheduled within the next few days for an energy shifting session at minimum. Please remember, these are remote sessions and you do not need to be present for the session. I use muscle testing, my intuition and our Divine Support Teams to give you highest and best results for your well being at the time of our session. You are also welcome to share what you would like to be worked on within our session too.

We are actively shifting most of our offerings for you to have more of a “care package” experience with more after session/care support to help you implement and integrate the energy shifts happening in our sessions together into your


Group Coaching:

Our 8 week semi live group coaching program, Trauma2Trust starts April 12th, inspired by my co-author book, Intuitive: Knowing Her Truth (An Amazon International Best Seller) and Heal-Grow-Thrive our 9 month group coaching experience opens May, 2021 for an August 16, 2021 start date. Video coming out soon.



How can I Connect with Kristin Folts and the Healing Home Coaching Community?


The best way to connect is through our private Facebook group the Emotional Healing Collective. This is our social hub of Healing Home. We do monthly energy shifting sessions, frequency work, trainings and this is where you get the juicy stuff on peaceful parenting, energy work, connecting from the heart, essential oils and tips on being an awesome mom despite your kids. Just kidding, our kids are here to show us how much we can grow as a human with our hearts running outside of our body, right?

Facebook Business Page: I have a business page but, it is not my focus or my intention of making it a huge presence in my social media journey (story for another day) but if you would like to give us a like anyways that would be great. Healing Home Coaching Page

Our YouTube channel for Healing Home Coaching YT

Our website is being re-branded and updated and is a work in progress: Healing Home Coaching

My TEDx Talk on “Give Your Inner Child Permission to Heal” can be watched here! 90K views and counting

Get my co-author book, Intuitive: Knowing Her Truth, an Amazon International Best Seller. Digital copy now ready for download and paperback coming mid April, 2021

Old fashion Email is



More about Kristin:


Kristin Folts is an Emotions Coach and Energy Medicine practitioner. Her passion is empowering moms while transforming their emotions from chaos to calm, creating a peaceful oasis with their kids, and bringing joy into their lives by releasing the energetic, emotional baggage holding them back from saying yes to their best life. 

Kristin’s calling is to guide and uplift moms and entrepreneurs to embrace their feminine magic, heal their inner child, abundance mindset, and self-sabotage through coaching and intuitive energy medicine work. 

Kristin is a momma to a spirited special needs toddler, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Intuitive Emotions and Parent Coach, International Best Selling Author, TBRI Practitioner, EFT Guide, Speaker, Trauma Trainer, Mompreneur, Former Child Welfare Worker, and a TEDx Speaker. 

Kristin lives with her daughter in Florida and enjoys being an 1800’s Living History Reenactor, gardening, yoga, essential oils, camping, and educating others on the benefits of living a whole-mind-body-soul lifestyle.



How you can help us grow our influence and change the world together?

We are thankful you have joined our growing family. Thank you for reading this blog post. Please leave a comment for us on at least one of our posts, videos or trainings. You can help us grow our YT following, our private Facebook group and our influence across the globe as well.

Thanks for reading past all of my grammar errors and misspelled words. I am a recovering perfectionist that is also not a great spelling and I like a ton of commas and run on sentences… so yeah, here I am in all my glory of grammar mishaps. Thank you for understanding my need to get my voice out on paper and not worry about the grammar error finders.